Fish & leek

This is one of my dad’s dishes.  He didn’t cook it all that often so I don’t know if I got it exactly the same.  It’s basically white fish stir fried with lots of aromatics.  I used a bunch of spring onions, one leek, 4 stalks of celery, a shitload of ginger, and a handful… More Fish & leek

Quickie noodles 

Life is peculiar and my highlight the last week was going to the supersized asda I had never been to before. The lowlight(s) is that my mental health is bad these couple of weeks because of ‘stuff’ and strange combinations like that lead to the creation of strange dishes  Yellow stickered iceberg lettuce for 21p?… More Quickie noodles 

Sooooooooo tired!

It’s been a very busy weekend with #prideinlondon and #ukblackpride, as a result of which, I was too tired to stand over the stove today. I had to work today, but I do have tomorrow off, so that’s some recovery time to look forward to. I sliced and threw a whole cabbage in a deep… More Sooooooooo tired!

Glass noodle salad

Having an open packet of glass noodles inspire me to do creative things with them.  The restaurant My Old Place near Liverpool Street (London) does a wonderful starter with glass noodles, black vinegar, and I think shredded cucumber and black fungus.. I can’t remember exactly.. been a while since I’d last been.  Last week I… More Glass noodle salad