Leftover chopped tomato, aubergine, kale, salmon, bacon, rehydrated shiitake & wood ear. Rice.  Up until the point I had all of these laid out in front of me and rice in the rice cooker.. I had no idea what I was making.  I’ve spent most of the day studying, and made a cake halfway through … More Improv?


Today’s lunch looked so good I just had to take a picture. It’s just one of my usual rice and stir fries, heated at work in a microwave. So nutritious, delicious, and cheap!  I made a cake for a geeks event last night.. The cake is good.. But my icing skills leave a little to … More Lunch! 

Easy Beginner’s Curry

Growing up in Malaysia, I was exposed to many different flavours of curry.  From the coconut heavy Malay curries, the dry lemongrass-fragrant Rendangs, the spicy and complex Indian mutton curries, the dhal to have with roti, to mild varieties of Chicken Kormas, meat & rice Briyanis, to Chinese Chicken curry noodles and delicious wild boar … More Easy Beginner’s Curry

A lunch wrap!

I’m back in school!!!!  At least for 1 weekend a month, plus assignments plus lots and lots and lots of reading in my evening and weekend time.  This morning was my first day of school.  I didn’t feel much like a rice & dish hot lunch  So… I took a memory out of back when … More A lunch wrap!

Quickie Fried Rice

Twice this week I’ve had to have a quick meal before dashing out the door.  For me this often means instant noodles (aka ramen).  But with the hot weather, some days I don’t fancy a bowl of steaming hot soup.  I’ve covered quickie fried rice before, and this one is no different from previous.  It’s … More Quickie Fried Rice