Curry so easy

Curry isn’t difficult, and can be very cheap. Ingredients for this one was : ~600g chicken thighs (£1.50) 1 packet cheapest passata (or chopped tomatoes) (£0.40) 50g (any) curry powder (£0.40) 1 large / 2 small courgettes (£0.60) 1 aubergine (£0.70) 1 large baking potato (£0.15) Optional – Splash of milk/coconut milk/yogurt/whatever you have 2 … More Curry so easy

Writing Interlude

I have started another blog called The Empathic Snail for my writings as I seem to be getting that urge.  I want to keep the cooking stuff separate from the political, philosophical etc etc heavy stuff so erm yea… here’s the one time link  

Mid-week Stir Fry

It feels like aaaaaages since I last worked a full five-day week, what with Easter and bank holidays, and my habit of taking days off on weeks I have college on the weekends.  I’ve learn from experience that I can’t eat more than 3 days of the same food in a row for lunch.  So … More Mid-week Stir Fry

Budget dinner

A great #budget pairing for an expensive theater evening #datewithmyself Rice : 60p, Fish : ~£1.00 If you live in London and are adventurous with seafood, fish and spices, New Loon Moon in Chinatown has an amazing variety of spiced canned fish. My favourite is Mackerel with black beans from Smiling Fish brand.

Dinner for one?

What happens when you throw 1 sliced onion, a few slices of leftover sandwich-meat (of any sort), 4 leafs of black kale (or any leafy green veg), 4 stalks of parsley (or any other herb, if available) half a teaspoon of capers (or any chopped pickles),  2-3 sliced mushrooms, 1 serving of straight-to-wok udon noodles, … More Dinner for one?

Dinner tonight was a falafel & halloumi hot wrap from pret’s before I rush off to an evening meeting.  Yes – that’s not homecooked.  It cost £4.25 and it was filling and delicious. but it was £4.25!  I’m meeting a friend for dinner tomorrow at a Vietnamese restaurant so that will be about £15 at … More