Aromatics Meat Veges Oversimplification, but this is *really* how I cook.  Shortened for convenience yes, but not in any way dumbed down for non-east-asians.  The photos in this blog post feature a beef with celery, ginger & spring onion dish.  Flavoured with gochujang (korean red chilli paste) and oyster sauce. I have to admit that … More Insta-stirfry

A long time coming

Hey hey hey!!  I’m back!!!!!!!  Wow, it’s been 6 months since the last post!!  Well I apologise.. i had a bad breakup and it took me a while to stand up from that fall, and life just gets busy once you start dating, yaknowwhatimean?? *wink* wink* I’ve also gotten fat… at first from eating so … More A long time coming

The not-falafels

So…. I had already cooked a stir fry today… a damn delicious one… but I needed to make more food – i didn’t have enough lunchboxes.  I looked into the fridge and I saw courgettes.. Hrm… courgettes.. I wasn’t in the mood to make courgette stir fry…. they just….. aren’t that great… So I huffed … More The not-falafels

Hae Kor / Petis Udang

Next up in the sauces series is…. What we in Malaysia call ‘Hae Kor'(Hokkien).  or ‘Har Gou’ (cantonese).   It is commonly found in squeeze bottles, ready for adding to a dish called Asam Laksa – a famous hawker center / street food / night market food in Malaysia.  It is also often used as the … More Hae Kor / Petis Udang