Musing on Stir fries.. 1

Stir Fries are magic things. They are quick, easy, and you can put almost anything into one. I’ve been thinking about this post since I thought about starting the blog.. and for the sake of making things easy, I’ll outline my thought processes this way. Stir-fries consist of 4 components;

The aromatics/aliums

Ginger, garlic, onions/shallots – or a combination thereof. For everyday stir fries I mainly only use one, and more often than not it’ll be garlic.

The vegetables

For me the most essential ingredients! I need veges with every meal and about a third to half of my meals don’t contain meat so it’s always veges I think of first when it comes to an everyday stir fry.

The meat (optional)

Whether it’s thinkly sliced chicken, pork, beef, lamb.. or mince… or fish fillets, or little prawns.. it can be anything! It can also be tofu or quorn or gluten meat replacement, or TVP.. variations on that theme, ya know? 😉

The flavouring

Salt and pepper? Chinese cooking uses far more than that!

So.. four categories. They can all be mixed and matched… and I will do posts on each category later, and maybe more posts after that on what goes better with what…

I do the splitting subconsciously, and it might be a new thing to think of food in this way.. but once the everyday stir fry is simplified, it makes shopping and food planning a lot simpler. I don’t plan what I cook before I go to the supermarket. I tend to just go, pick up vegetables I know I will eat, stock up on whatever aromatics I might be running low on, browse the meat section for things I might eat, possibly pick up some sauces or spices or eggs or or or baking stuff, toiletries, shampoo, loo roll etc… and then head home – NOT a single recipe or meal pre planned.

Sounds complicated? It’s not really… and that’s what I aim to impart with this blog. How I do this every week with no planning whatsoever and spend under £25.




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