Sunday cooking thought process.


Yesterday morning before I went out for the day I thought – tomorrow I’ll be home all day, and I’ll be cooking for the day, with some leftovers for lunches.. Let’s see if I should defrost anything.. I looked in my fridge, and in the drawers there were celery, broccoli, courgettes, 2 red peppers, spring onions and lemongrass. Hmm I thought, what goes with that.. Ahh, some chicken would work well. I then took out 3 frozen chicken drumsticks and put them in a bowl in a fridge.


So what do I make today? A stir fry of course. A lemongrass chicken celery pepper stir fry. I added garlic, oyster sauce, water, corn starch and rice wine, along with rice, and I now have lunch and dinner for today, as well as two boxes lunches to take to work. There is a microwave at work so I heat it up and it all works out!


This amount ingredients is 3-4 meals for me, including boxed lunches. Total cost is around £5.00. Cost per meal is under £2 so it falls nicely under my £2.50 budget per meal, which means more to spend on fruits, snacks and sweets! Yay!


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