Instant Noodles

Instant noodles… (for me) better than sliced bread!!  Back in Malaysia, we used to call it Maggi Mee – after the predominant brand of instant noodles available in the 90’s when I was growing up.  On the western-based youtube videos and cooking blogs, it’s commonly called ramen.. which is the romanised form of a japanese term, itself the japanification of the chinese word 拉面(la mian).. which is chinese for pulled-noodles.  PULLED fresh noodles… which instant noodles isn’t.  I don’t like calling it ramen because that’s inaccurate and somewhat american.. so I’ll call it instant noodles, which is what is really.

I got home from work at 10.30pm last night.  It was a planned late night, so I had brought and eaten a packed dinner.. but I was feeling peckish… so I had a pack of instant noodles.  They cost from £0.20 a pack, to £2 a pack – depending on the size and extras.. so that’s the price of the meal.  Depending on how large I want the meal to be, I do commonly add stuff to it.

Frozen chopped vegetables.  Frozen sweetcorn.  Frozen edamame beans.. you spot the theme?  I also have frozen dumplings, frozen frankfurters, sometimes I buy british sausages, roast them in the oven, and then freeze them for instant noodles.  I also have frozen fishballs, meatballs or tofu puffs.  I probably have enough to feed myself for a week on instant noodles and frozen vegetables.

The things you add doesn’t have to be frozen.  (eggs are good) That’s just what I use because if I’m having instant noodles it means I’m not in the mood to cook from fresh at all, or don’t have the time for it, and the frozen stuff is readily available.  If I depend on having fresh veg – I don’t always have the right stuff in the fridge – or I might have none if it’s the first meal on a sunday night after coming home from my sister’s and the fridge is totally empty.

A conversation I often have with myself on the way home exhausted – should i pick something up from a takeaway, or go home and have noodles.  Noodles win 95% of the time.  The argument is always ‘noodles cost £1-1.50/meal. Takeaway cost at least £5.  Noodles have very little oil, and I can put as much vege as I want, and use less of the flavouring pack if I want to cut down on salt.  Noodles = cheap, healthy(ish), cheerful, fast’.  The inner accountant is very good at winning this argument.  I’m pretty much so well trained by it I consider eating out of any kind, even takeaway, a treat.  There has been times in the past when I was flatsharing and avoided the kitchen when I had takeaway a lot more often.. but now that I live on my own I’ve got no excuses so the accountant wins.

It is carb heavy… but one can use smaller packs and add more veg.  My metabolism is such that I do need carbs to survive or i’ll be stick thin… so while I will try to include tips for low-carb/carbless alternatives to what I put on here.. I won’t apologise for sharing what I do eat.  Now to save this and get my phone out and try to take some nice photos (the stuff i’ve ordered to make my ‘mini studio’ hasn’t arrived… so hhhhmmm… we shall see…) Bye!


One thought on “Instant Noodles

  1. Your “thought processes” on the way to deciding the dishes to cook are very entertaining. Reminds me of the time when Ma was baby sitting In London for six months and I had to do my own cooking and going through the same “thought processes”. Keep it up.


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