A meal of bits

imageI made a vegetable curry yesterday, and after putting that into 3 packed lunches, one of which I ate today, I still had a bit left today.  A colleague put fried chicken in my head towards the end of the day, and I spent the last hour at work thinking I really should go to the chicken shop on the way home, get some hot wings, and have it with rice and cabbage curry.  However I thought… what can I make which will entice me as much as or more than the hot wings and taste good with rice and curry?  As I traveled home from work I thought of what I had – bacon in the fridge.. Ooh a few prawns will go with the curry, and ginger will be the perfect thing to bring them together!

So as I commuted home the dish hatched itself in my head and presto! Another homecooked meal of different bits – leftovers + fridge bits + frozen bits + rice = A meal of bits!




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