A Basic Fried Rice


My fried rice normally consist of 3 essential ingredients.  Rice, garlic, and egg.  Oil and soy sauce too…. but I don’t really count those as ingredients.  I have on many occasions eaten just plan rice with those 3 ingredients – commonly for brunch, when I need something substantial, but didn’t fancy anything too much or too elaborate.

For lunch or dinner though, more needs to be added to it.  What I add to it very much depend upon what I have in the fridge.  Today I made one with the quarter semi-limp broccoli looking forlorn in the fridge, some asparagus I bought last week from the cheap roadside grocer – I only every buy asparagus from him as he is far cheaper than the supermarket.  And some bacon.  (yes.. bacon is appearing everywhere this week cause I bought some on Sunday and I don’t make cooked breakfasts, so it really is for anything and everything else I cook!)

Other vegetables which work with fried rice are; most chopped frozen veg, peas, sweetcorn, carrots etc.  Anything not too wet.. I wouldn’t advice lettuce or cabbage although I’ve used those too when those were the options I had.  I’ve found that kale works well while spinach doesn’t.  Legumes like french beans or sugar snap peas or mangetout work well too.

The method I used, I learnt from my parents as a kid.  I’m not sure if this is the professional restaurant method.. I’ve heard of different order of putting things in the pan.  But this is what I do every time and it works for me.

About the garlic… for meals with vege etc.. I tend to use freshly chopped because I have to cut up veg anyway.  But I do make and store a jar of ready fried garlic which I often use for my cheeky breakfast plain egg fried rice.  I’ll write another blog on that later.  It’s a convenient thing to have around.


The order

  1. Oil
  2. Garlic
  3. Meat (if using)
  4. Vegetables – longest cooking one first (in today’s specimen it was broccoli first for a few minutes before asparagus
  5. Rice
  6. Sauces or salt
  7. Egg

That’s it really.  Not much trickery or skills involved.  The one thing slightly tricky is the egg.  I learnt from my dad to make a well in the middle of the rice, add a bit of oil, swirl it around, crack the egg into that, spread the egg around, and then cover the egg with the rice and leave for a minute or two before then stirring everything up and the mixing it all in and continue stir-frying until things start becoming crispy and very fragrant.

I eat fried rice probably once every two or three weeks.  I do truly love fried rice.  And I love love love the fragrance of garlic in it.  To me fried rice must have garlic and egg or it isn’t fried rice.  The two ingredients is what gives fried rice the unique fried rice smell as far as I’m concern.


6 thoughts on “A Basic Fried Rice

  1. Did you ever get around to writing about storing fried garlic bits? There was a restaurant I used to go to in Taiwan that always had fried garlic bits around and I’ve never quite gotten it right.


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