Pea & Bacon soup

It’s cold again, and I fancied something more British this week.  I’d been thinking of making an easy version of this for some time.  Bacon instead of ham because I’ll never have the occasion to roast a whole ham bone and use the leftovers.  Peas… I’d ran out of frozen peas last week, so I used dried yellow split peas and a can of mushy peas instead.  I also added a carrot, and some torn up lasagna sheets that have been in my cupboard for over a year… Soups eh.. so good for using up unwanted stuff.


I also had a go at making my own croutons out of frozen bread in the fridge which I wanted to get rid off cause I need freezer space in order to start doing my parents’ dishes.

It all turned out really well.  A little too salty even though I didn’t add any salt at all.. probably got a bit generous with the bacon.  Also burnt it a little and had some scrubbing to do.  Next time I make this it’ll be in the slow cooker =P  Less scrubbing!  I’ve got 3 portions for lunches, though I think I might cook some plain pasta to go with it.  I’ve just eaten tonight’s portion and still feel a bit hungry.. so it’s probably not enough for a work lunch either.



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