Preserved Duck Eggs

wp-1456830244492.jpgEver walked into a chinese grocers and seen mysterious things like these and wondered how to eat them?  I love them with sushi-type pickled ginger.  That’s how my mother ate them.  We even made our own pickled ginger.

In some London restaurants, they’re on the menu, often with other type of pickles or preserves.  I’ve never seen them served with pickled ginger outside of Malaysia.  They’re also good in congee, or in dishes called ‘rainbow steamed egg’ or ‘3-steamed-egg’ or ‘multicolur-steam-egg’ maybe.  You get the idea.  Basically a set egg custard with normal eggs, salted eggs, and preserved eggs.  Mmmmm.. I’m feeling hungry just thinking of it.



One thought on “Preserved Duck Eggs

  1. Actually they have been preserved for a full 100 years before they are ripe to be eaten. We call them “Century Eggs”. If you aspire to live to a ripe full Century, you must have it in your diet. Serious, cross my heart, no joke!!!!!


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