Random vege stir fry

Today was cleaning day, and shopping day, and laundry day, and cooking day and blogging day.  Busy busy busy!  So I made the meatball dish, the rice… and… well the meal(s) was missing some veg!  My veg dishes are rarely planned, and this one was pretty much unplanned too.  I had to use things in my fridge – NOT the things bought today though… use the older ones first.. says the voice in my head.

I opened the fridge and found – one last softening courgette, some peppers starting to wrinkle, including one large one which had some soft spots because I had dropped it taking it out of its bag last week and a bag of radishes which I bought for variety.  I only really buy radishes if I’m planning a salad week – which this week wasn’t.. I got this packet because I was bored of what was on the shelves and wanted something different which will still work in stir fries.   There was also a teeny bit of chopped bacon left.

Courgettes didn’t exist where I grew up.  I had never eaten it, never cooked it, I was totally unaware of the existence of this vegetable.  I learnt to cook it as a student here because it was cheap, and it seemed to be very common in the supermarket – next to the carrots and broccoli.  These days I still use it pretty often as it’s kinda cheap.  It’s not my favourite vegetable, but I don’t hate it either.

So.. I stir fried these ingredients – with some garlic and that last bit of bacon.  No complicated steps.. just oil then garlic then bacon, then all the veg, a spoonful of beanpaste then lid on to steam for a little bit, then a half teaspoon of sugar cause i fancied it, then stir fry or lid-on until cooked, and then serve and eat! Simples! Cost-wise.. less than £2, enough veges for 2-3 meals.  With other dishes and/or rice divided out similarly over 2-3 meals.. hmmm.. about £2.00 a meal I think, and includes a legacy recipe!


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