Bittergourd stir fry

What do you get when you put oil + garlic + chicken + bean paste + bittergourd & radishes into a pan? One of my easy everyday stir fries!


Bittergourd is one of my favourite vegetables. It’s a bit more expensive than the usual, so these two meals worth, with rice, probably cost me £2.5 each approximately. I’m all full of excuses though *wink* and special favourite vegetables IS an indulgence I give myself often (about a couple of times a month).

The radishes were only in the dish because there were half a pack left on the fridge which needed using. Bittergourd can go with any meat, even tofu, and being quite a dry vegetable which tastes good crunchy, is pretty easy to use in stir fries. Flavour-wise, I used bean paste this time. The dish will also work with fermented black bean sauce, plain old soy sauce or oyster sauce.
I’ve got a friend over tomorrow, and I’ll be doing one of my grandmother’s tofu dishes, and a stir fried celery dish. First time I’ll get to blog about the format of a family style meal! Whieeee!


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