Chinese Chive Omelette & Blueberry Brownies

wp-1458497403983.jpgI bought flowering chinese chives from the Chinese Supermarket near my place last week, and have been meaning to make this dish for a while but other things kept coming up.  It’s very simple… The chives get chopped up and fried in a bit of oil until wilted, with a bit of salt / soy sauce and pepper, and then beaten eggs get poured over and I try to make the omelette as omelette-like like as possible.  I almost managed to make a perfect one today but it did break up a bit.  Much better than my usual attempts though – where I normally end up with scrambled egg.


wp-1458497414290.jpgI don’t add milk or cheese or water to my chinese-type omelettes.  I think on some other blogs or recipe sites it might be called egg-foo-yong… although egg foo yong normally have some meat or prawn in it as well.  Mine today was just plain with the chives and that was it.

I fancied something more with my dinner, so i broke up some mushrooms which had been in the fridge for a while, and stir fried that with two cloves of sliced garlic, two handfuls of frozen sweet corn, and a dash of oyster sauce.  Half that, with half the omelette and some rice was dinner today, and the rest is now in a box in the fridge for lunch tomorrow.


I also made some brownies today.  I always use Jamie Oliver’s Bloomin’ Brillant Brownies recipe for brownies.  I did add half a pack of frozen blueberries to this though, as I wanted to use it up to make some space in my freezer in preparation for hotpot/steamboat next weekend.  wp-1458497426456.jpgBeen feeling very low and out of sorts today.. and already ate 1/3 of a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream.. I suspect I’ll be stuffing my face with some blueberry brownies for supper tonight so.. hmm… chocolate cures everything right?


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