Jack Monroe’s Smoky Herring Roe

wp-1458646007069.jpgToday I tried a recipe from Jack Monroe from 2013.  It’s going on my list of ‘love it and definitely making again!’ recipes.  I bought a teeny packet of smoked paprika from the spice shop in Portabello a while ago and hadn’t tried it yet.  And the other day I spotted the canned herring roe in Sainsbury’s while looking for canned crab meat for a chinese soup idea i wanted to try, and thought.. Hmm.. I’ve always wanted to try that recipe… I’ll get that too then.

It was yummy.  The herring roe was nothing like I expected.  I loved fried Mackerel roe… and hoped it would be like that – it wasn’t.  I disliked Salmon roe you get in sushi.. but herrings are not as large as salmon so I was hoping it wouldn’t be like that.  It wasn’t like either! It was a totally new and interesting taste and texture!

The recipe definitely works, and while prices are a little more than they were in 2013.. I got two servings out of that so I think it’s still under £1 a meal.  The parsley was expensive but i did get a whole pack and only used a few sprigs – and it can easily be substituted for dried herbs to save even more pennies.  It also works as a pretty good store cupboard last minute knock together.  Frozen green beans + canned fished + canned potato + dried herbs + oil + bottle lime/lemon juice + spices.  Can be made without a single fresh ingredient.  I think this can also go in my zombie apocalypse recipe book!  Hahaha..

I’m a huge fan of Jack Monroe, and a friend gave me their first recipe book a while ago.  I own too many recipe books – which I rarely cook from… but this experience does encourage me to try more!


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