Green + green + green


I held a hotpot party on Saturday, and as a result of that, had lots and lots of green leafy veg in the fridge, along with an assortment of chinese & japanese mushrooms.  They needed to be used soonish…. so tonight’s dinner was basically green veg + green veg + green veg + mushrooms + rice.  I also used half a cucumber and a couple of cho-chos from the previous week too.. MORE GREEN!

The order went – heat oil, fry garlic & ginger until fragrant, tip in the squash-type veges with a bit of water and cook for a bit, tip in mushrooms, tip in half a cup of chicken stock (1 stock cube & 1/2 cup water), cover and simmer for a bit, tip in leafy veg, cover and simmer for a bit… realised there is way too much liquid in the pan, tip in a pretty concentrated corn starch emulsion… realise there is still way too much water… but oh this will probably taste good as an eggy gravy… crack an egg into the wok… stir until lots of strands of nice silky egg.. taste.. add some salt & soy sauce.. eat!

I got tonight’s diner, 3 boxed lunches, and a bit of extra in a bowl out of this.  Almost everything here were from the chinese supermarket and imported from asia though… but they were bought for the hotpot so… yea.. lots of green.. and very healthy!


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