Beef & Broccoli for £1.50

I’m still trying to eat up the glut of greens in my fridge from last weekend, and tonight I made broccoli & mushrooms stir fry.. I didn’t even eat any rice (or noodles) with it as I wanted to eat up as much of the greens as possible.  I did however drop by the supermarket and picked up some frying steak.

wp-1459452381954.jpgThe order of this stir fry goes;- heat oil, add garlic, once garlic starts singing, throw in broccoli & mushrooms, splash some water (about a tbsp or so?  I use a squeezy bottle), cover, let steam for about a minute, open and stir again… if not yet cook and if drying out, splash more water, stir, cover again, add some oyster sauce & white pepper, stir, splash, cover, repeat until broccoli is cooked to your liking… and everyone likes broccoli to different degrees of softness.. I have 1 family member who likes it almost mushy, and another who likes it almost raw… and I get nervous about cooking for them and get it the opposite way round and get criticised and and and.. oh well…

Once wok is empty, add more oil, fry ginger until fragrant, throw in sliced frying steak, keep stir-frying… no water for this one.. don’t want beef to steam! =P.. if too hot turn flame down a bit, if sticking add more oil.. towards the end, add 1 dash of soy sauce and a shake of white pepper, stir a little, remove when sufficiently cooked to your taste.  wp-1459452377864.jpg

And dinner is served!  By my estimate, that cost about £1.50.  Still within budget.. no?  Even with some pretty good beef too! And even suitable for you low carb ppl out there 😉  (note.. i’m not one… i can’t really survive without carbs… I just wanted to eat up more of the greenery taking up all the space in my fridge).

One day I’ll do a weekly shopping post.. I say that everytime I go shopping.. but I either keep doing small shops.. or weirdly specific shops.. and not ones which will go into one well rounded ‘this is how i shop for a week’s meal and spend under £25’ that I keep meaning to… sigh….


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