Fish, cabbage & beans

I’ve been pretty busy.. and I’ve got some urgent studying to do… so of course my procrastination skills have gone overboard… as has my impulsive shopping.  In the space of the last one week, I’ve got two new brooms, I have a new cardigan and new belt on the way, new fountain pen.. erm.. I’m embarrassed by my behaviour… I really am..

One thing I don’t do when I’m trying to procrastinate is cook though.. which is strange.. And since I’m trying to keep the fridge empty-ish for next weekend, I actually struggled to cook from fresh today.. and will struggle for the rest of the week probably.  All I had in the fridge today was half a sweetheart cabbage and two cho-chos.  I need enough to cook at least once more in the week, so I decided to leave the cho-chos, and took some fish and some green beans from the freezer instead.

wp-1461524840524.jpgThrown together with some chilli bean paste and some fresh jasmine rice.. it was very delicious.  I love sweetheart cabbage, the taste is so mild it goes well with pretty much any sauce.



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