Very delicious stir fry!

After yesterday’s shopping, the fridge is stocked with fresh fruit and vegetables.  I took the day off today with the agenda of catching up on sleep, unpacking, laundry, flat cleaning and cooking. I did tentatively have baking on the list too, but didn’t really feel in the mood in the end.. A freshly cleaned flat isn’t the best environment to bake in as it always results in a bit of a mess and cleanup after anyway. Oh well.

Since the fridge was so stocked I made a bit more effort to cook a stir fry with a wider variety of vegetables in it. I used asparagus, broccoli, a green capsicum, some mushrooms, minced beef and garlic and fermented black beans.


The order of cooking was, as usual – oil and garlic first, then the mince and black beans until browned, then the veges, covered for a few minutes so it steams. Pepper, soy sauce, cooking wine etc to taste at the end.


This, with rice, provided me with lunch and dinner for today, and two lunchboxes. An incomplete attempt at costing would be 41p for the broccoli, 20p for the capsicum, 99p for the asparagus, 10p for the garlic, 50p for the mushrooms, <£1.00 for the beef (I only used about a third or half a box – I tend to split meat into smaller portions before freezing, and this was a small pack I took out), and ~50p for the rice. This totals to ~£3.60 for 4 meals so 90p per meal. Not bad huh?


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