Tuna with dill

My favourite Vietnamese restaurant, Cay Tre (the Hoxton one, not the Soho one!) does an amazing dill & monkfish dish.  I’ve only ever had dill in this dish – I never even heard of this herb or knew what it was before I was introduced to it there.  But thanks to their influence I now occasionally buy dill and cook it with fish.


Today I picked a nice fresh tuna steak from the supermarket on the way home, and along with a small red capsicum, some bean sprouts, the dill and some ginger, I created something entirely new.  I used two teaspoons XO paste and a few dashes of bottled lime juice, and it created the most amazing sauce.  I did end up overcooking the tuna a little because I was too lazy to cook the tuna and the veg separately.. but it was still delicious.


It could easily have been 2 meals if I had paired it with some rice or noodles, but I decided I needed brain food for the job interview tomorrow.  Not having carbs for dinner also means I can have yogurt, granola & chia seeds – stuff I buy for breakfast, but i don’t normally eat breakfast so it normally gets eaten as anytime-of-the-day grazing snack.

I cost this at about £2.30.. which is on the high end for one of my homecooked stir fries.. but still much less than anything I can buy out.

I’m planning to make something coconuty and cherry-y this weekend… possibly combining several recipes and making my own up. Wish me luck!  (oh and I need lots of luck for job interview tomorrow too!)




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