Weekend fusion

wp-1464442631040.jpgWhat can I do when there is plenty of food around.. but no idea what to make.  Hmm.. how about something fusion?  I had a heavily vegan week last week, which ended with a huge overeating binge at GBK.. so this weekend, with a slightly upset tummy, I thought why not have some fish.

wp-1464442622594.jpgUsing one of my parents’ classics recipes, with a Lysandra twist to it, I steamed the fish with pounded garlic & ginger, lime juice & salted soy beans (chinese miso).  My parents’ method usually included pickled chinese mustard leaves or sour plums.. neither of which I had at the moment, so I substituted with lime juice and a sliced gherkin.  It was still delicious.  I  used the foil-wrap in oven method of steaming instead as on the hob, as the other dishes I made today also used the oven.

The other two dishes was roast sweet potato cubes, and cheesy kale.  I cut the sweet potato into cubes for quick cooking, marinated with olive oil, fajita spice and garlic granules.  The kale – I washed in tap water, massaged some oil into it, and put in the oven with the fish for 15 minutes.  I then switched the oven to broil, added some cheese, and put it in for five.  wp-1464442626081.jpg

Odd mix of food, yes, very odd.  But on their own, all 3 dishes were delicious.  Together they were odd, but I’m the only person eating it so who cares right?  Now to plan dinner!





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