I made a curry today. And some brownies. And last week I made a cherry coconut bundt cake which was sufficiently modified from its progenitor recipe that it could maybe be shared as my own.

I have a slight blogging problem.. These posts don’t belong in any of the current categories on this blog. These aren’t my parents’ recipes, nor are they stir fries or shortcuts.. So dear reader.. What should I call the new category. The posts go into ‘uncategorised’ at the moment.. But.. It’s getting obvious that it needs a new category. Could it be ‘Not a Stir Fry’? How about Lydandra’s Randoms? 

Dear reader, please comment and let me know what you think! You can also suggest totally different ones.

Thank you!

In other news, I now have 49 followers! Thank you sooooooooo much! This is totally unexpected!


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