Fishy marmitey soupy noodles

wp-1464697424827.jpgSunday evening 10pm, it was late, I was exhausted after coming back from the theatre, I hadn’t had dinner, and I wasn’t particularly hungry but needed something to eat.  Strangely I wasn’t in the mood for my regular instant noodles either.  The small packets felt too small and the large packets felt too large.  I was also quite dehydrated and the normally overly salty noodles didn’t appeal to me right at that point in time.

I made something up.  Starting with a small pot of boiling water, I put some frozen spinach, basics frozen shrimp and some fish balls in, when this came up to boil I stirred in half a teaspoon of marmite, and put one cake of noodles in.  (1 cake was about half a normal meal.. I normally budget 2 cakes / person.. but i wasn’t very hungry).  The finished product was homely, cozy and simple.  Better than instant noodles, better than a takeaway and definitely better than a kebab.  Way to safe money and eat more healthily eh?


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