Glass noodle salad

wp-1465725873846.jpgHaving an open packet of glass noodles inspire me to do creative things with them.  The restaurant My Old Place near Liverpool Street (London) does a wonderful starter with glass noodles, black vinegar, and I think shredded cucumber and black fungus.. I can’t remember exactly.. been a while since I’d last been.  Last week I had dinner at a vietnamese restaurant and their vietnamese dressing – which the internet tells me is called nuoc cham.. was so delicious I wanted to recreate it at home.

All the above plus I’m trying to loose weight, it’s been boiling hot and I’d like have cold lunches with less carbs.. and having a totally free sunday where I didn’t want to go out (because going out means spending money).. nor wanted to bake (because cakes = fat!!) and I spent this morning making things up for lunch.

wp-1465725882080.jpgI had two massive aubergines from the ever affordable Holborn grocer’s.. which I cubed and roasted.  I then softened 2 serving of glass noodles, and shredded a large courgette.  Then I mixed it all up in a huge bowl and divided it out into 3 lunch boxes.

Considering I thought i had a 25% chance of disliking it but not enough to bin it, and 25% chance of it failing so spectacularly that I would have throw a whole salad bowl of food away… It was success.  The other 50% won.. and I think if I had to grade it.. I’d give this 7/10 stars.  Not bad for a food mash up fusiony first attempt!

wp-1465725877844.jpgFor the nuoc cham, I looked up recipes on the internet, noted the main ingredients, and then threw them together until it tasted ‘right’.. without much measuring.  The photo looks a lot redder than it should be because I used my favourite crispy prawn chilli paste instead of cutting up a single chilli like most of the ingredients said to do.

Lunch sorted for the next 3 days!  Love it when life fits together so easily! =)



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