Sooooooooo tired!

It’s been a very busy weekend with #prideinlondon and #ukblackpride, as a result of which, I was too tired to stand over the stove today. I had to work today, but I do have tomorrow off, so that’s some recovery time to look forward to.

I sliced and threw a whole cabbage in a deep pan, added sliced tofu, soy sauce, five spiced powder, garlic granules and water – and just let the whole thing simmer while the rice cooker does its thing. It was delicious! Far nicer than I thought it’d be!


Not bad for post festival exhausted cooking 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sooooooooo tired!

  1. Love your story! Even when you’re tired, just throwing something into the pan and stir-frying it up, can be soooo delicious!!! It’s so easy and it doesn’t even matter what you throw into the pan, sometimes, I even throw in some spaghetti noodles from the day before, or the rice!


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