Saturday! Bulk cooking day!

Looking after myself when having a bad week is important.. And with the bad week already gone, and predictable worse week ahead (due to PTSD anniversary reaction) I thought making good food to last the week is important.wp-1468073157004.jpg

The dish I cooked today used to be one of my regulars, but I have not cooked it recently as I have been trying to be more adventurous.  On restaurant menues it tends to be called ‘fish fragrance aubergine’, or 鱼香茄子. The restaurant version is always nicer as they deep fry the aubergine first, and have access to good salted fish.  In my home-cooked version, I don’t fry the aubergine, and I don’t use salted fish.  I alternate between not using anything, to using fish sauce, or belachan/terasi/shrimp-paste, XO sauce, or small dried white bait or anchovies.  I use fermented bean sauce / chinese miso everytime, for the general savoury taste.


The order off cooking is as usual

  • Heat oil
  • Add garlic
  • Add miso / pastes etc
  • Add mince meat (usually pork, but any can work)
  • Once pork cook through, add in aubergine, a couple tablespoons of water, stir, cover & steam
  • Once aubergine cook through, taste, add any extra seasoning, add chinese rice wine & roasted sesame oil, if using
  • serve
  • wp-1468073148780.jpg

This actually failed a little as ‘food for the week’.  I started with a cake-mixing-size bowl of aubergine cut into cubes – but they shrank to… well they shrank.  So I’ve had it for lunch today, a bit of leftovers in a bowl, and two packed lunch boxes.  Oh well, still one more day of weekend to go.. and I have plenty more food in the fridge.  =)





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