Fish & leek

This is one of my dad’s dishes.  He didn’t cook it all that often so I don’t know if I got it exactly the same.  It’s basically white fish stir fried with lots of aromatics.  I used a bunch of spring onions, one leek, 4 stalks of celery, a shitload of ginger, and a handful of small shiitake mushrooms – all sliced thinly.  For seasoning, I only used soy sauce & white pepper as there is plenty of flavour in the greens already.

wp-1468149417868.jpgThe order :

  • Heat 2 tbsps of oil
  • Stir fry ginger until starting to crisp
  • throw in all the veg, stir
  • throw in the drained rehydrated shiitake, along with about 2tbsp of the liquid
  • add a splash of soy sauce and some dashes of white pepper
  • Stir fry until sufficiently cook to your taste
  • push veg to side, add a bit of oil to the middle of the wok, lay fish in middle of wok as per photo
  • after two minutes, turn fish over, splash some soy sauce over cooked side of fish
  • after 2 minutes, ensure fish is cooked, if it is, stir fry everything together and break fish up, taste and add more soy sauce if required
  • add a couple dashes of roast sesame oil & a tbsp of rice wine
  • serve with rice
  • wp-1468149422618.jpg

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