Quickie Fried Rice

wp-1472807830043.jpgTwice this week I’ve had to have a quick meal before dashing out the door.  For me this often means instant noodles (aka ramen).  But with the hot weather, some days I don’t fancy a bowl of steaming hot soup.  I’ve covered quickie fried rice before, and this one is no different from previous.  It’s worth blogging about it again because – it’s one of my staple go-to’s, it’s quick, it’s simple, and it saves a meal out!

The ingredients this time were – 2 small wilting carrots, 2 small stalks of celery, leftover rice, leftover bacon, fried garlic condiment, and an egg.  Less than £1 for a freshly cooked meal, compared with minimum £2 for a cold sandwich to eat on the tube/bus?  I know which I prefer.  It uses whatever is lying around in the fridge, and this time it really used up veg which were soft and wilting already and needed using.  Couple days more and this veg would have been destined for the bin.  One can maybe postulate that I buy too much veg?  But having these wilting veg lying around inspires me to create and to eat homecooked food, so for me it is a good thing.  My food waste isn’t zero… but it’s far far far below the national average and as long as it’s close to zero – I’m happy.  I live alone and mainly only feed one.. so it’s hard to get down to zero becomes schedules or illness affects how much time I can spend cooking, but I try, both for the sake of the environment and my bank account, and it mostly works out.

I do often have leftover rice in the fridge because I’m east asian, I eat a lot of rice, and I know a dozen ways to use up leftover rice.  A colleague did point out that it wasn’t advisable to eat leftover rice – but I just pointed out that I was weaned onto rice congee as a baby, and I have no susceptibility to food poisoning via bacillus cereaus.  If however you’re not a native rice eater and you’re worried, I’d suggest making extra rice anyway, when you do, and freezing it.   The cooking time for the fried rice will barely increase – you’ll still get your meal in under 10 minutes, and it solves the issue.  Rice freeze pretty well, unlike pasta or noodles, so it’ll still make delicious fried rice.  One doesn’t have to use fresh veg either.  Those frozen mixed bags of chopped veg make very good fried rice too.  As does a handful of frozen shelled edamame beans.

On a side note.  This blog will remain my food blog, and for the moment I have no plans to add things to it, or to start a new blog, but the twitter account linked to this blog (@ardnasyLysandra) will contain a bit of my personal opinions as well updates on when there is a new blog post here.

On a second side note.  There is an unlisted page on this blog (mynofusskitchen.wordpress.com/restaurants) which lists my restaurant recommendations for London, UK.  It’s not really reviews or an exhaustive directory.. but a starting point for anyone who wants to explore London’s more eclectic, affordable restaurants.




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