Easy Beginner’s Curry

Growing up in Malaysia, I was exposed to many different flavours of curry.  From the coconut heavy Malay curries, the dry lemongrass-fragrant Rendangs, the spicy and complex Indian mutton curries, the dhal to have with roti, to mild varieties of Chicken Kormas, meat & rice Briyanis, to Chinese Chicken curry noodles and delicious wild boar curry.  wp-1473589575494.jpg

After moving to the UK, and to Leeds where curry houses are plenty, I was exposed to even more curries, and also to the anglicised english takeaway curries.  Still good, but different.  There are so many different types of curies out there.  But strangely enough – I was never taught how to make a curry.  It wasn’t in my family’s cookbook.  But I have sure eaten very very many.

I will never be arrogant enough to say I make good curries.  My curries are generic and flavoured with ‘whatever’.  There are no specifics.  But that makes it a good starter curry. If you’d like to make something vaguely curry-like but are not sure how and not into buying too many individual spices, this is the right blog for that.


Which cut or what animal doesn’t really matter.  If it’s a tougher cut of meat, just simmer for longer.  If there isn’t enough fat, add some oil etc.  I used some lamb chunks this time.  I started with some oil and 1 chopped onion.  Once the onion browns, add the lamb and sear on all sides.  Once the meat has sealed, add curry powder (any type), and anything else you might feel like.  This time I added some mustard, tomato paste and lime juice.  I then let it simmer for about 20 minutes.  Now add salt to taste, steal a chunk, and decide on how long more to simmer.  And that’s it done!  Simple, no fuss, no long lists of ingredients, and doable in any kitchen.

My intention was to make this curry and have it last a few days as the meat portion of the next few meals.  I was going to cook up some rice, stir fry a vege, and divide that up too.  Once I tasted this curry though… it was sooooo good I had another piece.. and another piece.. and before I knew it, I had put it in a bowl and decided to have all of it today with some konnyaku noodles.  Whopsie!! I guess I’ll have to cook something else later today then.


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