10 Minute Healthy-ish Meal

wp-1473794580283.jpgWhat a hot day!  I came home and couch potato-d in front of my fan for an hour reading and dozing before forcing myself up to make some food.  This heat isn’t conducive to long cooking.  It’s just too hot!

I made a very simple courgette stir fry and had it with dry noodles.   It was ddddeeeeelllliiiiiiciiious.  And I had it while watching Supergirl.  Oh how good is that show for passing too-tired-to-do-anything time.  Not as good as Jessica Jones… or Gotham.. or many other shows.. but semi-rest time.. yes.. it works.

Right, back to the food talk.

Slice an onion.  Slice up a small miserable courgette.  Heat up a teeny bit of oil, ideally in a well seasoned cast iron skillet so there’s less washing up later.  Fry the onion.  Fry the courgette.  Add a splash of soy sauce, or a sprinkle of kimchee, or miso, or tungchoy.. or whatever you have lying around.  Push the veges to the sides, add another drop of oil.  Crack an egg in.  Leave for 30 seconds.  Stir fry the whole thing like you’re making fried rice without the rice.  Maybe add a dash of pepper.  Dish it all out.

While you were doing all that, did you cook some noodles in another pot?  If you didn’t.. cook some noodles.  Some dry-type ramen if you have any (my favourite is indomie brand).  Or just some plain noodles.  If plain noodles, season with light soy, dark soy, and/or whatever sauces you have lying around.  Now eat your noodles with the stir fry in front of the TV.  Supergirl optional.


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