wp-1475606957439.jpgLeftover chopped tomato, aubergine, kale, salmon, bacon, rehydrated shiitake & wood ear. Rice.  Up until the point I had all of these laid out in front of me and rice in the rice cooker.. I had no idea what I was making.  I’ve spent most of the day studying, and made a cake halfway through it.. but today was one of those days without a plan.  I had plenty of food in the fridge, and I was defrosting a slice of salmon.. but nothing in my head about where this was all taking me.  There was also half a tin of chopped tomatoes to be used – leftover from bolognese the other day… but aside from in pasta, i normally loathe tomato and won’t cook with it. wp-1475606952971.jpg

So.. Hmm… what to do what to do what to do what to do?  I ended up with this.  Basically a tomato aubergine mushroom kale stew.  Flavoured with fried garlic, soy sauce, and gravy granules (trying to get rid of it).  It’s not gourmet.. but it was actually quite delicious.

wp-1475606948261.jpgThe stew was topped with some fried salmon and bacon with capers.






Neither chinese nor… anything identifiable.. Just pure improv.. Cooking has gone out the window a little bit with full time work AND college… but cooking is cheapest!  Always!!


Oh and I make very delicious coconut cake.

wp-1475606961590.jpgRoughly :

80g sugar

1/2-1 cup thick coconut milk

225 g self raising flour

pinch of salt

15g butter

100g medium dessicated coconut

2 eggs

First make coconut milk with about 1.5tbsp coconut milk powder in half a mug of hot water.

Then in mixing bowl, rub butter, salt and flour together until formed into breadcrumbs.  Mix in sugar and dessicated coconut.  Beat eggs separately and then mix in.  Pour coconut milk in while mixing, until form ‘cake consistency’.  IE – sticks to the spoon, but does move and slowly drops off.  Pour into a loaf pan and bake at 170 for 40 minutes.



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