Keeping a hold on my £££

I have an aversion to spending money needlessly.  Not an unhealthy aversion.. just a good amount of awareness on where my money goes.  I will spend £100 on my girlfriend’s birthday present – no probs.  £25 at a the pub for some food and drink while out with friend having a good time – sure, just not too often.  Being bowled over by work and life and not having time at all for myself and buying a sandwich – fair enough.  But lunch is something that I have to eat everyday, and it’s something I’d rather not spend money on needlessly.  Work has a hot water dispenser, a microwave, a fridge, and even a panini press.  Lots of options for cheap-er meals right?

I love those packet of cous cous you can buy in the supermarket, with dried veges and flavourings in all included.  So that’s been my emergency backup some days when I haven’t prepared a packed lunch to bring in.  But I’ve had a bag of plain cous cous in my cupboard for a while.. and I’m aware I haven’t used it for a while.. gosh it might even be expired.. I better use it up.

I took it out and had a look.. wow.. it expired in March 2015.  Look at it.. no insects crawling around.. sniffed at it.. smells fine.  OK I’ll leave it out and use it up.

Guess what I discovered – It’s a great substitute for rice in fried rice when there is not time to cook rice.

Using what I had around the flat…

Half a can of mackerel fillets in oil, an onion, a handful of frozen sweetcorn & a handful of peas, maybe a mushroom or two.  Fry it all up in a skillet.  If eating straightaway, add rehydrated cous cous in so the flavours meld, add some salt/soy sauce, crack an egg in ala fried rice, cook, and voila! a delicious lunch!

If not eating straightaway, put it all in a box with 3 tbsp of dehydrated cous cous and a dash of soy sauce.  When it’s lunchtime at work, rehydrate with appropriate amount of water, maybe pop in the microwave for a minute.  Mix it all up.. and there’s lunch!  For free (okok… not free… but storecupboard rather than sandwich… so £1.00 rather £4.00++.. which is a quarter.. and if everyday… that’s a shitload of money)




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