A new grill pan!


I have a new pan!!  A grill pan to be exact.  Not that I needed one, but I’m a crazy overflowing kitchen utensil person and this is just the latest on my want list.  It’s an andrew james cast aluminium non-stick.  I’d have prefer a cast iron, but those are a lot more expensive and I doubt I’ll be using it all that much so I went with this instead.

I bought a stead specifically to test it out.  I also cut up some peppers and some tofu – just to test it all out too.  And you know what.. it was delicious.  I hardly ever eat steak, and never ever cooked it at home before, but now that’s definitely going to change.

So this was lunch!  Half a steak (£1.30) 1 serving of bracken noodles (50p), 1 pepper (30p), a slice of tofu from the block that i’m actually planning to use for dinner (20p) .. so.. £2.30 for lunch, and it includes steak!

Simple and so delicious!!  This may be the end (okay it’ll never be the end… but the reduction) of my stir fries….



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