A Poem

I cannot speak to my mother right now as she has, in the past week, caused me to re-enter dark places I thought I had overcome, twice. I do not want to risk a third time within a week when I have a life to live which I have to remain mentally well for. When I’m emotional or angsty, I find trying to make rhymes a slight release. I have not done so for a long time, as my life has moved on from the teenage angst-filled introverted days of having a lot to say but not the courage to say it. These days I say what I think/feel and structure my relationships so I do not need to hide myself. But as I am self-limiting my contact with my mother for my own sanity… I find these whispers of emotions which I cannot address to her directly.. so here is a poem.. in the style of the ones I used to write out of teenage angst.

Who do you love mother,
your child and your progeny,
How much do you know of her
This person in your family tree.

What do you love mother,
The carrier of your genes,
How much do you know of her,
Does she love greens or jeans?

Do you see the good in her
Her kindness and her love
The intelligence of this microscope whisperer
The skill within her glove.

Do you just see the devil
When she speaks of her love for girls
Do you think she’s just a rebel
Out in town for some twirls.

Do you think she is wicked
For detesting the president-elect
The rights she had gain he would undid
Her life his believes can wreck

Do you see how much she cares for the world
The time she gives to those in need
Do you believe she’s destined for the underworld
Despite the blood she bleeds

How much do you know of her, mother
Her causes, advocacy and activism
The good is there and clear to all
She’s shown unbridled altruism

Who do you love mother,
Just your child and your progeny,
Will you love her person whole,
Or just your Gs, Cs, As, and Ts?


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