Empty Fridge

I haven’t had time for groceries shopping this week.  I know, shocking, right?!?  But it’s Sunday and I need to make some lunchboxes… so how about a rummage?

In the fridge, I found

  • A bunch of spring onions
  • 1 yellow pepper, 1 red pepper
  • 2 carrots

And that was it.. Hrmph… Time to use things in the freezer?

So.. with busy-ness and lazy-ness being the theme of the day.. here’s what I ended up makingwp-1480878401487.jpg

Garlic + ginger + leek sauce + chilli sauce + 2 carrots + white fish + 5 blocks frozen spinach + 2 handfuls frozen corn + 1 handful peas + spring onions + shiitake mushrooms.  Plus water and cous cous at the end.

The order of cooking was, garlic + ginger + oil, fry until fragrant, add spring onions, add all the other fresh veg at speed & order of chopping them up, stir fry a little, add leek sauce, add a spoonful of chilli paste, fry a little.  Add rehydrated shiitake mushrooms, plus the liquid, cover, simmer for little, add frozen veg, simmer for a good long while, add water if dry, simmer some more, add cous cous, simmer 3 minutes.  Taste.  Season if necessary

What leek sauce you ask?  Well.. file this under ‘random stuff you find in asian supermarket’.  Leeky, chivey, savoury stuff.  Delicious if a little strongly flavoured.  Yum!wp-1480879217198.jpg

This potful was 3 lunchboxes worth.  Pretty sure it cost less than £3, even with the fish (which was only the cheapest frozen white fish.)  And so again.. I have 3x <£1 lunch.  Possibly not the most apetising or the most delicious lunch in the world, but yummy nontheless.. and I can have 5 of these for the cost of one lunch from Pret!  Bargain!


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