Kale, Celery & Tofu

My essay is done!!!  Which means I have time to cook.  I made a kale, celery & tofu stir fry for lunch & dinner (today) and lunch (tomorrow), and i’ve got a large pot of ragu simmering on the stove so I can make a lasagne tomorrow in preparation for my very busy week beginning Saturday!  I love it when things work out and I have a break before a busy period and I manage to batch cook for the week.

The stir fry I made was very simple.  Just kale celery & tofu with some ginger, garlic & soy sauce.  I used some “drunken chicken marinade” from lee kum kee, which I had bought to try with chicken, but as it’s basically a combination of soy sauce, rice wine & ginger juice, it can go into a stir fry too really.  As usual it’s oil, and then ginger & garlic, and then the tofu, and then the veg.  Bit of water/sauce, cover & steam for a few minutes, and that’s that!

wp-1488455219182.jpgI only learnt to make lasagne last month.. and it’s not exactly an original recipe.. I don’t think there is anything of it to share really.  It’s just.. hhmm.. much more delicious than I expected and had me craving more… hence a new batch today.  If it looks good I might post a picture… but we’ll see *wink*


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