Dinner tonight was a falafel & halloumi hot wrap from pret’s before I rush off to an evening meeting.  Yes – that’s not homecooked.  It cost £4.25 and it was filling and delicious. but it was £4.25!  I’m meeting a friend for dinner tomorrow at a Vietnamese restaurant so that will be about £15 at least.  “ouch” says my wallet.

I got home around 9pm.  Head-accountant says tomorrow’s lunch HAS to be home made what with eating out tonight and again tomorrow night.  I had plenty of stuff in the fridge so…

wp-1489095535768.jpgLook what I got last week for 75p!  It’s been in my fridge over a week since I bought it and it’s still okay.  Bargain!  I don’t generally aim to get yellow stickered items as the best time is late on a wednesday or thursday and I’m not a huge fan of having to walk home after dark.  But sometimes I’m on my way home from somewhere or I’m already on the bus so I just do it and it does pay off by some variety of more expensive veges, at a lower price, to my meals.

Anyway, that was in my fridge already, and at 9pm I wasn’t going to spend half an hour waiting for rice to cook so the solution, as usual, is noodles.  Tomorrow’s lunch literally tok 10 minutes to cook.  The noodles went into a bowl of hot water and into the microwave for two minutes.  The veges got a quick shake in tap water, and into a hot skillet for 5-6 minutes with some sliced tofu from the fridge, garlic granules and oyster sauce, the noodles then got drained and mixed into the veges, and there was a packed lunch!  Easy peasy!




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