Overshopping & stir fries




wp-1490449749100.jpgSome weeks I over-shop, which is great because for that week I have plenty of choice of vegetables when I want to cook.  However it usually means I have a very random assortment of half-servings of vegetables the following week, and the usual ways of getting rid of them, depending on what they are, is either a curry or a stir fry.  This week it’s a stir fry.

I took half a bunch of celery, a single lonely aubergine, and a wrinkly lost-looking courgette, with the last of a pack of sausages, some garlic & other condiments, and turned it into several delicious meals!

wp-1490449656271.jpgThe sausages started out raw, and I sliced them.  They would have been easier to slice had I cooked them first….  but meh.. that would have added too many steps and I was lazy.  Starting with a hot wok, hot oil, garlic & sausages, stir fry until the sausages and cooked on the outside.  They don’t have to be fully cooked as the rest of the cooking process will cook them too.  But having a nice crust on the outside ensures they don’t break apart.


Once the garlic & sausages were nice and crusty, I pretty much just dumped all the chopped veg, added about half a cup of water, and covered it.  Let the whole ensemble steam for 5-10 minutes, stirring regularly, while taking pictures, doing the washing up, and tidying my perpetually messy kitchen….

Once it was all sufficiently cooked (around 10 minutes) I added some light soy, dark, soy, crispy prawn chilly, toasted sesame oil & rice wine, and stir it all through again.. and then I just waited for the rice to cook in the cooker… and voila, weekend lunch, dinner, lunch & dinner 😛

4 meals, 30 minutes & cost about £2!




One thought on “Overshopping & stir fries

  1. You have become very creative in your cooking. There is no limit to the variations in Chinese cooking. It is creativity that makes the difference and allows you to eat well. Without it, eating becomes a burden


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