Home made….. instant noodles?

Home made broth / soup / stock is great!!….. when one has time…. But when I don’t and I fancy noodle soup but I DON’T fancy instant noodles… what happens?  Hmmmm….

wp-1490731176476.jpgWhat do I need for dinner… or what do I need for any meal really?  Carbs? Noodles. Vege? chinese leaf & spring onion. Protein? Egg.  Okay.. ingredients sorted… This could easily be turned into fried noodles like yesterday… but I fancy something soupy.. what do I do now… Hmm… Stock cube?  Nah too plain.  Marmite or Bovril?  Hmmm… don’t fancy that today… Oh I know!! That fermented tofu stuff in the fridge, yea that will do!!  All right then, kettle on and away we go!

*waves wand*


Tadaaaa!!!!!  Dinner for pennies!!!

(I ended up adding a handful of frozen peas too, and the two darker bits at the bottom and right of the photo are a couple of tiny dried shiitake mushrooms which I bought because they are cheaper than the larger ones, and turned out being awesome because they don’t need a long soak to rehydrate, boiling for 5 minutes will do)


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