Mid-week Stir Fry

It feels like aaaaaages since I last worked a full five-day week, what with Easter and bank holidays, and my habit of taking days off on weeks I have college on the weekends.  I’ve learn from experience that I can’t eat more than 3 days of the same food in a row for lunch.  So I usually only make three identical pack lunches on Sunday.  On 3 or 4 day weeks it works out great, but on full 5 day weeks it means I have to cook something on Wednesday and make more boxes.  That’s what I did today.

I made a turkey mince, chopped mushrooms & preserved turnip with courgette and broccoli stir fry.

The sequence, in order : –

  • Heat wok & 1 tbsp of oil
  • Stir fry garlic & chopped preserved turnip until fragrant
  • Stir in minced turkey & stir fry until brown.  Add a pinch of salt or soy sauce
  • Stir in courgette, mushrooms & broccoli (no order, I actually added broccoli last as I was still cutting it, and I like undercooked broccoli)
  • If wok not big enough / flame not hot enough for everything to cook quickly and evenly, add in a couple of tablespoons of water, and cover for 3-5 minutes.  Stir occasionally.
  • (I cook stir fries on the highest heat setting of my largest cooker ring.  It’s electric so it will never be as good as a large gas wok-burner, but as far as electric goes, this is newer generation and isn’t too bad)
  • If you want gravy add half a cup of cold cornstarch solution at this point.  I didn’t this time, but I did add a tablespoon of shaoxing wine.
  • Serve with rice!


Costing : –

  • 1 yellow stickered broccoli – 24p
  • 1/5 box of basics mushrooms – 15p
  • half a large courgette from basics range – ~40p
  • ~200g of minced turkey – ~80p*
  • Rice – 36p**
  • Garlic – 15p
  • Perserved turnip – ~20p

Total estimated cost – £2.30 for 3 meals which made it 77p per meal.

*(I have no idea how much I paid as I bought it when it was yellow stickered, and then divided it into smaller packs and froze it so I’m just going to overprice it)

**(I buy 10kg of brown jasmine rice for £15.00 which is £1.50/kg, I eat about 75g uncooked for dinner, and a bit less for lunch, but let’s say it is 75g/person/meal, that approximates to 12p/serving.)


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