Another easy fried rice

IMG_20170808_211441_506-2My basic fried rice is covered here, but there are a million different variations on this theme, and each one I make is different.  I’m trying to go into a week of healthy eating at the moment, and my goto vlogger for this is The Domestic Geek.  I’ve got three ‘lunch bowls’ in my fridge for the next 3 days inspired by her, and I really hope I end up enjoying them!!  They are lighter than my usual rice + dish lunches, and I hope to stop putting on weight!  Anyway, I haven’t been posting because I was away last week, and I haven’t posted this week because really, I haven’t got anything original as I’m taking ideas from elsewhere while I try to lighten my diet a little.

Tonight I made a fried rice out or rice and erm… salad ingredients.  It’s all the same really, just whether I eat them cook or uncooked right?  Anyway, the order for today’s was – heat oil, throw in 1 chopped carrot & 1 chopped onion… stir fry for a good long while, add in a capsicum (i used orange here… which is why this dish looks like just rice and orange bits), stir, add in rice, stir for some minutes, add soy sauce & a dash of white pepper, add egg, stir & pause & stir & price until egg is cook, turn flame off, throw in a big bunch of sliced lettuce….. and dinner’s served!



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