Last minute ‘homemade’ lunches

IMG_20171114_125036.jpgI put homemade in inverted commas because it isn’t really.. but it isn’t from a shop, so it’s sort of an in between.. I think.

Anyway, when I left home this morning I had a box of pad-thai-vermicelli which I had made on the weekend to take with me, but I also knew I had a 7.30 appointment which meant I either eat out, buy a sandwich, or bring another meal with me to work.  I had more pad-thai in the fridge, but that’s for tomorrow and I didn’t want to deplete my stock of box lunches.

Many months ago after I had a pack of ainsley’s cous cous for another last-minute-dinner, I thought ‘hmmmm actually i can make this myself’.  So £1.20 later, I had of cous cous, in a large candy jar, and to it I added some salt, peppers, spices, the last of a long-abandoned jar of gravy granules, and a crumbled up stock cube.  This jar of cous cous sits in my office.  Today, since I planned it from home rather use it *really* last minute from work, I brought a little box of frozen peas, sweetcorn & mix veg, and a can of tuna with me.  I also brought a little jar of chilli oil.  The chilli oil is extra – the spice and salt in the cous cous is enough… but they were bogof so I had a stock of these little jars around and I thought why not.. It will really bind the fish, cous cous & veg into kinda of almost a fried rice.

I can’t cost this meal exactly…. not without knowing the exact weight of the frozen veg I brought, or the exact serving size of cous cous.. but assuming 20p for the cous cous, £1 for 1 can of tuna, & 20p for the veg – and omitting the optional extra chilli oil… This meal cost me £1.40.  It was a hot meal – with the help of the office microwave & kettle.  And it was pretty much healthy and balanced.  This combination also allows one to eat more or eat less easily.  Unlike a sandwich or meal deal from the shop… the serving size is entirely within my control and I can choose to have more or less veg, more or less cous cous.. and 1 or 2 cans of tuna.  IMG_20171114_125926_901.jpg

I have recently discovered the amazing value for money which is tesco’s meal deal…. and when I have to, I’m not averse to using that when I am really in a rush and need to eat while on the move.  But when I have some spare time at work and access to a minikitchen at work…. having quick fixes like this is both great for my bank account, and great for my stomach.



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