Kale, Chinese Leaf & Tofu Stir Fry (vegan)

It’s been a while since I last posted.  I had a shitty three weeks…. and am only now getting back into cooking.  The last few weeks have been full of comforting fried chicken, instant noodles, and eating pack lunches I had prepared earlier and froze.  Yay for pre-prepped food which meant I still managed to be semi-healthy and semi-budget-conscious even when I was crying hours every day.


Today I made a kale, chinese leaf & tofu stir fry.  And it was vegan.  Accidentally vegan.. but hey…  I have vegan and vegetarian friends… so why not stick the labels where they fit right?

Ingredients :

  • Garlic
  • White Pepper
  • PiXianDouBanJiang (Spicy Bean Paste from PiXian)
  • Tofu
  • 1 bunch cavalo nero. Sliced.
  • 1 Chinese leaf. Sliced.
  • some oil
  1. Heat oil, stir fry garlic until golden
  2. Pour in sliced veges.  Splash a teeny bit of water in and cover.  Steam until vege has shrunken and shrivelled enough to stir without everything overflowing out of the wok
  3. Add about 2 tsp chilli bean paste, a few major sprinkles of white pepper, taste, and add soy sauce to augment if required.  Extra chilli optional.

Serve with rice!

IMG_20171217_182829.jpgThis is a super super super amazing chilli bean paste.  My girlfriend introduced me to it and it is one of the best things ever.  It has fermented broad bean as well as the fermented soy bean, and the depth of flavour is beyond any other bean paste I have ever tasted.  Apparently PiXian village produces the best chilli bean paste… so if you go out looking for this, look out for anything which says pixian on it!


2 thoughts on “Kale, Chinese Leaf & Tofu Stir Fry (vegan)

  1. Thank you for the post. Sorry for your bad run of weeks all in a row. That’s not fair! I haven’t used bean paste before; are there other dishes one might use it in besides stir fry? Does is stay in a paste form or does it ‘melt’ when you add it to a hot dish? Thank you.


    1. Hi v1ct0r1a!

      Thank you for the comment. You can also use the bean paste in soups or stews – or thin it out with soy sauce and/or vinegar and use it as a dressing or dip! Hmm.. on the second question – it depends on the bean paste you buy.. there are many types and some are more mushed than others.. so if you buy miso for example.. which is completely mushed.. when you add it to water it disappears into it – not really ‘melt’, but just disperse. Others, like the pixiandoubanjiang I use in this post, is not quite as mushed and have almost-whole beans in it still, and doesn’t disperse as much. If you want it to disperse more you can always squish it with a spoon before adding it in. Hope this helps!


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