Dinner tonight was a falafel & halloumi hot wrap from pret’s before I rush off to an evening meeting.  Yes – that’s not homecooked.  It cost £4.25 and it was filling and delicious. but it was £4.25!  I’m meeting a friend for dinner tomorrow at a Vietnamese restaurant so that will be about £15 at … More

Empty Fridge

I haven’t had time for groceries shopping this week.  I know, shocking, right?!?  But it’s Sunday and I need to make some lunchboxes… so how about a rummage? In the fridge, I found A bunch of spring onions 1 yellow pepper, 1 red pepper 2 carrots And that was it.. Hrmph… Time to use things … More Empty Fridge

A new grill pan!

I have a new pan!!  A grill pan to be exact.  Not that I needed one, but I’m a crazy overflowing kitchen utensil person and this is just the latest on my want list.  It’s an andrew james cast aluminium non-stick.  I’d have prefer a cast iron, but those are a lot more expensive and … More A new grill pan!