Hae Kor / Petis Udang

Next up in the sauces series is…. What we in Malaysia call ‘Hae Kor'(Hokkien).  or ‘Har Gou’ (cantonese).   It is commonly found in squeeze bottles, ready for adding to a dish called Asam Laksa – a famous hawker center / street food / night market food in Malaysia.  It is also often used as the … More Hae Kor / Petis Udang

Empty Fridge

I haven’t had time for groceries shopping this week.  I know, shocking, right?!?  But it’s Sunday and I need to make some lunchboxes… so how about a rummage? In the fridge, I found A bunch of spring onions 1 yellow pepper, 1 red pepper 2 carrots And that was it.. Hrmph… Time to use things … More Empty Fridge

Glass noodle salad

Having an open packet of glass noodles inspire me to do creative things with them.  The restaurant My Old Place near Liverpool Street (London) does a wonderful starter with glass noodles, black vinegar, and I think shredded cucumber and black fungus.. I can’t remember exactly.. been a while since I’d last been.  Last week I … More Glass noodle salad

Weekend fusion

What can I do when there is plenty of food around.. but no idea what to make.  Hmm.. how about something fusion?  I had a heavily vegan week last week, which ended with a huge overeating binge at GBK.. so this weekend, with a slightly upset tummy, I thought why not have some fish. Using … More Weekend fusion