Kimchee fried rice

What do you get when you add these three ingredients, a leek, some frozen sweetcorn, and an egg together??  A delicious bowl of kimchee fried rice!!  I was impatient today and used the ‘everything in the wok’ method of cooking, so it turned out a bit of a soggy mess, but who cares when it’s … More Kimchee fried rice

Budget dinner

A great #budget pairing for an expensive theater evening #datewithmyself Rice : 60p, Fish : ~£1.00 If you live in London and are adventurous with seafood, fish and spices, New Loon Moon in Chinatown has an amazing variety of spiced canned fish. My favourite is Mackerel with black beans from Smiling Fish brand.

Quickie noodles 

Life is peculiar and my highlight the last week was going to the supersized asda I had never been to before. The lowlight(s) is that my mental health is bad these couple of weeks because of ‘stuff’ and strange combinations like that lead to the creation of strange dishes  Yellow stickered iceberg lettuce for 21p? … More Quickie noodles