A long time coming

Hey hey hey!!  I’m back!!!!!!!  Wow, it’s been 6 months since the last post!!  Well I apologise.. i had a bad breakup and it took me a while to stand up from that fall, and life just gets busy once you start dating, yaknowwhatimean?? *wink* wink* I’ve also gotten fat… at first from eating so … More A long time coming


I’ve updated the blog a little, and there are now two links at the top.  Restaurants and Start Here. They are both self explanatory on the pages itself, but if you are a long time reader, you may not notice them, so go read!! 😀

Dinner tonight was a falafel & halloumi hot wrap from pret’s before I rush off to an evening meeting.  Yes – that’s not homecooked.  It cost £4.25 and it was filling and delicious. but it was £4.25!  I’m meeting a friend for dinner tomorrow at a Vietnamese restaurant so that will be about £15 at … More

A lunch wrap!

I’m back in school!!!!  At least for 1 weekend a month, plus assignments plus lots and lots and lots of reading in my evening and weekend time.  This morning was my first day of school.  I didn’t feel much like a rice & dish hot lunch  So… I took a memory out of back when … More A lunch wrap!


I made a curry today. And some brownies. And last week I made a cherry coconut bundt cake which was sufficiently modified from its progenitor recipe that it could maybe be shared as my own. I have a slight blogging problem.. These posts don’t belong in any of the current categories on this blog. These … More Uncategorised?

A shopping trip!

Post camping trip, fridge totally empty of perishables, too exhausted to walk the supermarket long.. I’ve finally done a shopping trip not littered with snacks and cleaning products. I do admit the presence of one bag of crisps, and the absence of any meat or flavourings or condiments.. But at 10.88.. I’ve got enough fruit … More A shopping trip!