Writing Interlude

I have started another blog called The Empathic Snail for my writings as I seem to be getting that urge.  I want to keep the cooking stuff separate from the political, philosophical etc etc heavy stuff so erm yea… here’s the one time link  

A Poem

I cannot speak to my mother right now as she has, in the past week, caused me to re-enter dark places I thought I had overcome, twice. I do not want to risk a third time within a week when I have a life to live which I have to remain mentally well for. When … More A Poem

Safe Spaces

Content Note: Contains talk of self harm and suicide To the family member who asked for the essay – whom I have emailed this response to but will probably not read it because she never really reads anything I send her. Do you know what a safe space is?  A safe space is somewhere where … More Safe Spaces