A simple stir fry

So, after random food shopping.. what do I do with the food in my fridge/freezer? I make stir fries!!  Stir fries as short on planning and as random, as the food shopping was.  This works because stir fries can be made out of literally anything.  I’ve written detailed instructions before, so I won’t do that … More A simple stir fry

Spinach, kale, shiitake & pork stir fry

I made a dressing with some random ingredients on Sunday.  Marinated some sliced pork in it, and stir fried it later.  It was ddeeeeeeeeeelllliiiiiiishhhhh!!! 😀 The ingredients for the marinade were: Tahini Soy sauce Lime Juice Honey Knob of ginger pounded in a pestle & mortar Shaoxing rice wine. The marinated pork was delicious, and … More Spinach, kale, shiitake & pork stir fry

Kimchee fried rice

What do you get when you add these three ingredients, a leek, some frozen sweetcorn, and an egg together??  A delicious bowl of kimchee fried rice!!  I was impatient today and used the ‘everything in the wok’ method of cooking, so it turned out a bit of a soggy mess, but who cares when it’s … More Kimchee fried rice

冬菜剁猪肉 / 肉饼

This is a dish my mother made often.  I loved it because it makes rice tastes 10x more interesting, and it enlivens the entire meal.  It consists of mince pork and “tianjin preserved vegetable” or 冬菜.  She calls this dish “dong choy deok zhu yeok” in cantonese (冬菜剁猪肉), although in a restaurant it may be … More 冬菜剁猪肉 / 肉饼

Wholewheat spaghetti aglio olio with roast vegetables & sausages

Ingredients Broccoli – 45p Cauliflower – £1 Sausages – £1.50 Wholewheat spaghetti 85p Splash olive oil – 15p Garlic – 10p Method Heat oven to 190C. Cut up broccoli & cauliflower.  Toss in olive oil, salt, pepper and any herbs or spices you may have which may be suitable.  Pour into 2 trays, with sausages … More Wholewheat spaghetti aglio olio with roast vegetables & sausages