Adventures with Kelp

My family never cooked much with kelp.  But I’ve started experimenting with it, even incorporating it into dishes I already make, and here are two I’ve tried which were very successful.  Stir-fried steamed aubergine with kelp This is a dish I’ve made and written about before, but in this version I added sliced kelp which … More Adventures with Kelp


I’ve updated the blog a little, and there are now two links at the top.  Restaurants and Start Here. They are both self explanatory on the pages itself, but if you are a long time reader, you may not notice them, so go read!! 😀

Lamb’s Liver with Ginger & Spring onion & Steam Chow-Chow on Rice

NO,  not chow chow the dog!! Chow chow the vegetable! Chow chow is possibly the cheapest non-european vegetable you can get from the chinese supermarket.  (Some months it is cheaper than courgette!!)  It is a squash and thus similar to courgette – but denser.  It is quite bland, and because of it’s density, it doesn’t … More Lamb’s Liver with Ginger & Spring onion & Steam Chow-Chow on Rice

Curry so easy

Curry isn’t difficult, and can be very cheap. Ingredients for this one was : ~600g chicken thighs (£1.50) 1 packet cheapest passata (or chopped tomatoes) (£0.40) 50g (any) curry powder (£0.40) 1 large / 2 small courgettes (£0.60) 1 aubergine (£0.70) 1 large baking potato (£0.15) Optional – Splash of milk/coconut milk/yogurt/whatever you have 2 … More Curry so easy

Writing Interlude

I have started another blog called The Empathic Snail for my writings as I seem to be getting that urge.  I want to keep the cooking stuff separate from the political, philosophical etc etc heavy stuff so erm yea… here’s the one time link  

Mid-week Stir Fry

It feels like aaaaaages since I last worked a full five-day week, what with Easter and bank holidays, and my habit of taking days off on weeks I have college on the weekends.  I’ve learn from experience that I can’t eat more than 3 days of the same food in a row for lunch.  So … More Mid-week Stir Fry