A long time coming

Hey hey hey!!  I’m back!!!!!!!  Wow, it’s been 6 months since the last post!!  Well I apologise.. i had a bad breakup and it took me a while to stand up from that fall, and life just gets busy once you start dating, yaknowwhatimean?? *wink* wink*

I’ve also gotten fat… at first from eating so much comfort food in december… and then it was christmas.. and then new year… and it was cold and gloomy, and then chinese new year… and well, i just stop weighing myself and you get the idea.

ANYhoo…. I am now officially FAT.  And I need to eat better, and cook more, and exercise, and look after myself.  And the way the world’s been lately… I gotta make serotonin somehow don’t I.. and cooking and blogging has always helped!

So.. here we go.. how does one turn this…. img_20180627_184610_01__01-2528895815913605480.jpgInto something healthy and delicious?

Well, with the help of lots of garlic, and some pickled mustard greens (optional)!


  • 4 -6 cloves of garlic
  • 1 pack baby corn
  • 1 pack some sort of fine/trim/green beans
  • 1 pack mince (i use pork but any is fine, mince substitute is fine too)
  • Some chinese preserved mustard greens (substitute with anything flavourful and salty… so mushrooms.. anchovies, kimchee, something in a jar at the back of your fridge… )
  • did I say garlic?
  1. If using dried preserved mustard greens (see pic) RINSE in copious amount of water.  Soak for at least 10 minutes, and then rinse rinse rinse again.  If you don’t rinse it enough it will be VERY salty and possibly sandy
  2. Cut everything up into small-ish pieces
  3. Chop mustard greens into mince
  4. Heat wok at max heat.  Heat 2tbsp oil.
  5. Drop garlic in, fry until almost brown
  6. Drop in mustard greens, fry until dry
  7. Drop mince in.  Brown.
  8. Add a splash of water if it’s all too dry.  Add beans and sweetcorn in. Stir in, cover and steam for 5 minutes
  9. Stir it all until cooked.
  10. Taste.
  11. I added a bit of sugar, a touch of sweet soy and a dash of worcestershire sauce.  All the salt came from the mustard greens.  If you didn’t use mustard greens, or anything super salty… you might want to add some salt or soy sauce at this stage.
  12. Serve!!


So… It’s pretty obvious from the cover pic that I did not eat this with rice.  Well, I’m trying to loose weight… and I figured maybe the cabbage soup peeps have a point about cabbage.  I figure i could try replacing rice with cabbage or chinese leaf?  Probably won’t work rofl… but veges is good anyway right?  At least I’m not starving myself heh.


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