Minute Steak, Grilled Bittergourd & Rice with a Buttered Chilli Lime sauce

Instead of making a stir fry today, I decided to try some fusion with my grill pan.  I grilled some minute steaks, bittergourd, and made an awesome sauce to wrap it all together. I grilled the steaks with just salt and pepper.. nothing special there.  The bittergourd – after slicing, I bunked it all in … More Minute Steak, Grilled Bittergourd & Rice with a Buttered Chilli Lime sauce

Cheese Straws!

Christmas has been bbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyy!! I’ve been away a lot so I haven’t been cooking.  I was in charge of the Christmas baking for our family do though… so there was lots of that.  I mostly used existing recipes from bbcgoodfood or allrecipes.  But one recipe failed spectacularly due a substitution I made.. which I then, … More Cheese Straws!


Leftover chopped tomato, aubergine, kale, salmon, bacon, rehydrated shiitake & wood ear. Rice.  Up until the point I had all of these laid out in front of me and rice in the rice cooker.. I had no idea what I was making.  I’ve spent most of the day studying, and made a cake halfway through … More Improv?

Easy Beginner’s Curry

Growing up in Malaysia, I was exposed to many different flavours of curry.  From the coconut heavy Malay curries, the dry lemongrass-fragrant Rendangs, the spicy and complex Indian mutton curries, the dhal to have with roti, to mild varieties of Chicken Kormas, meat & rice Briyanis, to Chinese Chicken curry noodles and delicious wild boar … More Easy Beginner’s Curry

Glass noodle salad

Having an open packet of glass noodles inspire me to do creative things with them.  The restaurant My Old Place near Liverpool Street (London) does a wonderful starter with glass noodles, black vinegar, and I think shredded cucumber and black fungus.. I can’t remember exactly.. been a while since I’d last been.  Last week I … More Glass noodle salad

Weekend fusion

What can I do when there is plenty of food around.. but no idea what to make.  Hmm.. how about something fusion?  I had a heavily vegan week last week, which ended with a huge overeating binge at GBK.. so this weekend, with a slightly upset tummy, I thought why not have some fish. Using … More Weekend fusion

All morning cooking

I spent all morning cooking.. all experimental and taken from other sites.. but anyhoo all delicious and all successes =) In the order cooked.. I give you.. Coconut loaf cake from BBC Good Foods Picture is my own, and added a splash more milk than the recipe said because the cake mix felt too dry. … More All morning cooking