Kimchee fried rice

What do you get when you add these three ingredients, a leek, some frozen sweetcorn, and an egg together??  A delicious bowl of kimchee fried rice!!  I was impatient today and used the ‘everything in the wok’ method of cooking, so it turned out a bit of a soggy mess, but who cares when it’s … More Kimchee fried rice

Wholewheat spaghetti aglio olio with roast vegetables & sausages

Ingredients Broccoli – 45p Cauliflower – £1 Sausages – £1.50 Wholewheat spaghetti 85p Splash olive oil – 15p Garlic – 10p Method Heat oven to 190C. Cut up broccoli & cauliflower.  Toss in olive oil, salt, pepper and any herbs or spices you may have which may be suitable.  Pour into 2 trays, with sausages … More Wholewheat spaghetti aglio olio with roast vegetables & sausages

Curry so easy

Curry isn’t difficult, and can be very cheap. Ingredients for this one was : ~600g chicken thighs (£1.50) 1 packet cheapest passata (or chopped tomatoes) (£0.40) 50g (any) curry powder (£0.40) 1 large / 2 small courgettes (£0.60) 1 aubergine (£0.70) 1 large baking potato (£0.15) Optional – Splash of milk/coconut milk/yogurt/whatever you have 2 … More Curry so easy

Minute Steak, Grilled Bittergourd & Rice with a Buttered Chilli Lime sauce

Instead of making a stir fry today, I decided to try some fusion with my grill pan.  I grilled some minute steaks, bittergourd, and made an awesome sauce to wrap it all together. I grilled the steaks with just salt and pepper.. nothing special there.  The bittergourd – after slicing, I bunked it all in … More Minute Steak, Grilled Bittergourd & Rice with a Buttered Chilli Lime sauce

Cheese Straws!

Christmas has been bbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyy!! I’ve been away a lot so I haven’t been cooking.  I was in charge of the Christmas baking for our family do though… so there was lots of that.  I mostly used existing recipes from bbcgoodfood or allrecipes.  But one recipe failed spectacularly due a substitution I made.. which I then, … More Cheese Straws!


Leftover chopped tomato, aubergine, kale, salmon, bacon, rehydrated shiitake & wood ear. Rice.  Up until the point I had all of these laid out in front of me and rice in the rice cooker.. I had no idea what I was making.  I’ve spent most of the day studying, and made a cake halfway through … More Improv?