Fish & leek

This is one of my dad’s dishes.  He didn’t cook it all that often so I don’t know if I got it exactly the same.  It’s basically white fish stir fried with lots of aromatics.  I used a bunch of spring onions, one leek, 4 stalks of celery, a shitload of ginger, and a handful … More Fish & leek

Pa’s gingery meatballs

My pa makes the most delicious gingery meatballs.  The meatballs themselves are very simple.  Just 4 ingredients – minced pork, ginger, cornstarch & egg.  The key to make them as delicious as he makes them though, is to flash fry the ginger until almost-crispy first.  This increases the gingery-fragrance by…. a couple of log scales.  … More Pa’s gingery meatballs

Stir Fried Steamed Aubergine & Teochew ‘Cantonese’ Steamed Fish

What a confusing title for today’s dishes!  Neither of this was planned until yesterday, and only planned from what was in the fridge.  It was very much a case of ‘what can I do with what’s there’ and ‘i wonder if any of this will be good for the blog’.  To my pleasant surprise, I … More Stir Fried Steamed Aubergine & Teochew ‘Cantonese’ Steamed Fish