Minute Steak, Grilled Bittergourd & Rice with a Buttered Chilli Lime sauce

wp-1488919463390.jpgInstead of making a stir fry today, I decided to try some fusion with my grill pan.  I grilled some minute steaks, bittergourd, and made an awesome sauce to wrap it all together.

wp-1488919452335.jpgI grilled the steaks with just salt and pepper.. nothing special there.  The bittergourd – after slicing, I bunked it all in a mixing bowl, added about 2-3 tbsp of oil, some  cumin, some garlic granules & some garam masala.  Rubbed it all in with my hands, and laid it all out on my Andrew James grill pan.


wp-1488919446748.jpgThe sauce was very fusiony and quite special.  I’ve never made anything like this before so it was purely experimental and adjusted to taste.  I started with just the juice of 1 lime, a tbsp of crispy prawn chilli sauce, and about 1 tbsp of butter.  The final product included some gravy granules, 1 tbsp of quince jelly, the watery juice from the defrosted steaks, a bit of salt, soy sauce – and the final addition which really made it – MAYONNAISE!  What a weird combination eh?  But you know what.. it WORKED!  The whole meal put together really truly worked and I will not hesitate to make it again.  Probably with better quality steak next time, but not much other changes.


wp-1488919457537.jpgWhen I thought this up on my way home from work… I was thinking – this is either going to be very very good, or very very bad.  It ended up being very very good, which gives me a bit of a confidence boost, which i sorta need right now.  Life is good, all is well, but an existential-crisis-panic-attack a couple of days ago has knocked me down a little and I gotta to spend this week climbing back up!!  Well good food definitely helps! And blogging makes me fell productive (even though it really doesn’t achieve anything at all….. ) so double yay for this evening! =)


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